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Animal welfare education is a fundamental part of our strategy for sustainable change in Tanzania. Our education initiatives include:

  • Giving presentations at primary and secondary schools & supporting MAWO student clubs, providing young people leadership opportunities

  • Working in villages and market places with community leaders to train on proper and humane harnessing for donkeys 

  • Training Community and Professional Animal Health Workers to lead their communities in proper animal first-aid, harnessing, and treatment of animal

  • Providing animal owners with  informative literature at each dog/donkey mobile clinic

MAWO Educational Guide COVER.jpg

donkey welfare

MAWO, in partnership with Donkey Sanctuary UK, developed a Hands-On Manual for donkey treatment. This has guided our main initiatives for donkey welfare:

  • Donkey mobile clinics which provide free vaccinations, hoof trimming, eye care, and advice for donkey owners

  • Distribution of Donkey Welfare Manuals to rural communities 

  • Demonstrations and workshops for community leaders and donkey owners on proper and humane donkey harnessing built from sustainable materials, thus preventing donkeys from the painful cuts used by poor harnessing 

  • The building of donkey shelters to protect the from harm or theft for the illegal donkey meat/skin trade

dog welfare

Because of the rampant over-population of street dogs in Tanzania, MAWO makes it a priority to tackle this problem through initiatives including:

  • Dog mobile clinics which provide free rabies vaccinations, deworming medication, iodine wound spray, and educational literature for pet owners

  • Spay and neuter campaign at dog clinics with the goal to reduce the number of puppies born across the Tanzania thereby preventing animal suffering

  • "Dog Dip" flea baths open each weekend at several veterinarian clinics where dog owners can bring their pets for a bath in dog-friendly chemicals which kills fleas and ticks

College trainings

MAWO leads collaborative projects in order to develop a curriculum for colleges educating veterinarians. In the first stage, lecturers were trained in animal welfare topics at 6 pilot colleges in Tanzania. The curriculum is continuing to be offered at the colleges under the supervision of MAWO. Additionally, MAWO supports the colleges with practical training related to animal welfare. The goal of this project is to develop an animal welfare curriculum which we hope will be provided in the future at all colleges across Tanzania. To learn more about this collaboration, visit:


It is our responsibility to represent Tanzania in the significant animal welfare conferences and meetings found throughout our country, continent, and world. MAWO has sent representatives to the first Pan-African Animal Welfare Conference, Donkey Sanctuary trainings, Humane Society International Expos in the United States, SPANA conference in Morocco, and to key meetings with Tanzanian government officials to discuss animal welfare issues. 

radio program

In order to promote animal awareness to the greater public, MAWO uses radio to make educational announcements. This radio program provides an understanding of the values of animal welfare particularly in donkeys, their health needs, harnessing information, and behavior training. The radio broadcasts have spread information on donkey welfare in both Swahili and Maa language to ensure large outreach to Simanjiro district and the areas nearby.

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